Wyle Cop Wood
Wyle Cop Wood
Wyle Cop Wood

Wyle Cop Wood

where dense forests meet the vast expanse of the sea. There, amidst the tall, imposing trees and the ebbing tide, the inspiration for "Wyle Cop Wood" was born.

The exquisite wood-floral composition includes scent notes such as Sea Kelp, Bergamot, Cashmere Wood, Cedar, Sage

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Green & Woody

"Wyle Cop Wood" is an exquisite fragrance, a harmonious symphony of contrasts, where the vigor of the forests meets the mystery of the sea. This fragrance is a refined concoction that unfolds a unique journey, starting with a tantalizing blend of sharp, citrusy notes, leading to the mysterious and enveloping heart of our adventure, and concluding in a crescendo of lush, robust woods.

💫 Top Note: Salty Sea and Citrus Symphony
At the opening, the air is imbued with the fresh and salty whispers of sea kelp, mingled with the zesty kick of bergamot and coriander, narrating tales of deep, oceanic mysteries and ancient, forgotten shores.

💫 Heart Note: Spiced Green Whispers
Venture deeper, and the heart reveals a tantalizing blend of yuzu's sharpness, the intriguing warmth of cardamom, and a subtle hint of aromatic fennel, guiding the wearer through an intricate dance of lush, green nuances and whispers of unseen worlds.

💫 Base: Timeless Woodland Guardians
The base is the soul of “Wyle Cop Wood”, the towering, enveloping presence of cashmere wood and cedar, like ancient guardians whispering timeless wisdom. Sage intertwines its green, herbaceous notes, adding depth and resonance, whispering secrets of untold stories and serene tranquility.

💫 For the Audacious Explorer
"Wyle Cop Wood" is the signature scent for the audacious and the passionate, those who seek the thrill of the unknown and yearn for the beauty of untold stories and unseen worlds. It's a whisper to the bold spirits who desire to delve deep into the woods and unveil their true selves, making a statement with their scent.

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Made with passion in Ramsgate in the UK. Sourced and composed using rare, precious, ethically farmed and sustainable ingredients from Grasse in France. We are completely cruelty-free with no animal testing.

By being toxin-free we ensure there are no parabens and phthalates which are among the top “dirty ingredients” in the beauty industry won't be found in our fragrances.

Every fragrance is a unique blend of between 10 to 50 different perfume ingredients, all sustainably sourced.

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To ensure our bottles are not contributing to the worlds waste problem, we are proud to get you on a ever lasting jurney. once you purchase your first perfume with us you can send your empty bottle back to refill it with another perfume of your choice! - Can be a different one. not only this will save our planet but also it will save you £20 each time you refill!


Get the job done right the first spray with The Saltworks Company.

We understand how frustrating it can be for perfume to wear off halfway through your evening. There isn't always time to spray more - if you can even pack your perfume - and who wants to deal with that? 

Our bottles use 25% parfum compared to the industry standard of 15% so you and your company enjoy long-lasting scents!

We are there for you from start to finish. 

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