Seawater suede
Seawater suede

Seawater suede

"Seawater Suede" isn't merely a scent; it’s a voyage. Starting with the drama of a tempestuous night, and transitioning to the promise of a new dawn. For the daring, for those who thrive in unpredictability, for those who wear the contrasts of life with style.

Bold, arresting call of leather, as undeniable as the allure of a stormy horizon. This powerful start was further intensified by smoky wisps, reminiscent of bonfires on remote shores, with the tantalizing backdrop of birch trees silhouetted against a twilight sky.

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Smoky, Woody & Fresh

“Seawater Suede” is a fragrance that narrates a thrilling odyssey, a defiance of the traditional, offering a blend as electrifying and bold as a storm looming over the infinite ocean.

Opening Note: Experience the bold and striking note of Leather, as intense as a stormy horizon, accompanied by smoky hints, echoing the mysterious charm of bonfires on distant shores and birch trees standing as silent shadows against the twilight canvas.

Heart Note: Just as you immerse in its deep and smoldering embrace, the fragrance surprises you with a shift, like a stormy coastline yielding to the azure embrace of a sunny day. The refreshing and zesty splash of Bergamot intertwined with the crisp and invigorating note of Seawater redirects the symphony to a path of exhilarating freshness, painting the atmosphere with a palette of aquatic brilliance.

Base Note: The journey finds its anchor in the revered and mystical notes of Frankincense and Olibanum, whispering ancient tales of sailors and maritime deities. The addition of Vetiver brings a layer of earthy allure while the essence of dry woods, reminiscent of driftwood refined by the sands of time, concludes the tale with a timeless signature.

“Seawater Suede” is not just a fragrance, it’s a dynamic voyage, a dance between the drama of a tempestuous night and the hopeful whispers of a new dawn. It is crafted for the bold, the unconventional, for those who find beauty in life’s contrasts and wear it with unparalleled style.

With its captivating and multifaceted character, “Seawater Suede” is ideal for those who wish to make a dramatic and unexpected statement. Its contrasting yet harmonious blend leaves a memorable trail, inviting the surroundings into the enchanting journey from storm to serenity.

Top Notes: Suede, Leather

Heart Notes: Bergamot, Seawater

Base Notes: Vetiver, Frankincense and Olibanum

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