Romantic Discovery Set
Romantic Discovery Set
Romantic Discovery Set

Romantic Discovery Set

  • Find Your Perfect Date Night Scent
Sensual. Sophisticated. Floral. Alluring. Dive into the world of romance with our specially curated discovery set featuring 10 of our top floral and seductive fragrances. Find your signature scent and enjoy a £25 discount on your first full-size bottle.
  • Each set includes 10, 2ml bottles of premium fragrance, Giving you 60 sprays per bottle and 600 sprays per set!
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We believe fragrance is only truly discovered on your skin.

Only at the moment of contact of perfume with your natural pH does the fragrance create true magic.

Our collection of exclusive samples is a combination of best sellers from all scent families, allowing you to explore and experience some of Saltworks's art of fragrance from the comfort of your home and help you ensure you pick the right fragrance the first time around, whilst shopping online.

Our perfume discovery sets are the perfect way to introduce yourself or a friend to a new scent.

Each discovery set now includes a £25 off voucher, tucked inside, ready for your perfect match.

These vouchers are valid for a generous 12 months, so take your time exploring all the options. Once you find the scent that speaks to you, use your voucher to unlock the full-size bottle. Happy exploring!

And the best part? You can use the voucher to treat yourself to a full-size bottle or a mix of 3 travel-size bottles!

Discover your favourites and enjoy!

Shipping of the discovery set is FREE using royal mail tracked 48 - 2 days service

It usually takes anywhere from 2 to 4 working days from placing an order to your door!

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Each set comes with a £25 off code to get your money back when you buy a bottle.


Ready for a Romance-Filled Scent-sational Journey?

10 breathtaking romantic scents, each captured in 2ml bottles.

Uncover your new favorite fragrance and transform your perfume collection. Spritz, sniff, and feel irresistible!

The thrill of discovering new scents is a key part of the perfume experience. Now, immerse yourself in 10 exquisite, romance-inspired scents to find the ones that captivate your heart.

Discover your signature scent!

Everyone has a unique preference, so you must try every option to find the one you love.

When you find the one that truly speaks your name, use our email voucher to get £25 off your first full-size bottle.

Let's find your signature scent!

Industry Leading Longevity
Perfumes Made To Last

Have you ever experienced it?

The tester you have tried last for a couple of days convincing you to buy, but the perfume you got wears off after a couple of hours even when you wear it correctly.

With Saltworks there is no difference between testers and perfumes we made them to last!

Long Lasting Perfumes London


Just contact us, send us your full name and date of your purchase and we will resend the code for You.

We include couple of every fragrance type into a simplified 'family' of fruit, wood, aquatic (incl citrus), and florals. Our hero scents are our best sellers and if you do like perfumes you should love at least one of them! We Promise you won't be disappointed.