what does plum smells like?
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What does plum smell like?

The plum smell is usually perceived as a sugar-like, sweet one.

Perfume with plum is associated primarily with fragrances for the evening, possibly worn in winter and autumn. This is because the plum is a fruit that adds depth and mystery to the fragrance. It is also responsible for its sweetness.

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Plum is one of the most used fragrance notes in the perfume industry. Mainly in female fragrances. Most often it is accompanied by other fruits or flowers. Plum is also used by gourmand perfumes, which combine aromas of edible ingredients.

The popularity of plum is due to its versatility - depending on the presence of other ingredients in the perfume, the plum scent will take on a different character.

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What are plums in perfumes?

The raw material used in their production is plum fruit or plum blossom. Depending on which of them is used, the scent of the fragrance will be dominant or more fruity or floral.

The popularity of plum is due to its versatility - depending on the presence of other ingredients in the perfume, the plum scent will take on a different character. One time it will be very sweet, even to the effect of peel, other times it will be deep, and sometimes slightly fruity.

The aroma that comes out of the plum also depends on which perfume note it is in. In the case of the top note, the plum will appear as a distinctive, even alcoholic scent. This is due to the essential oils which, after being released from the bottle, begin to strongly evaporate. If the scent of plum in a perfume is felt in the heart note, then its scent is subdued. A perfume with a plum hidden in the base is the most durable aroma, characterized by incredible depth.

Plum perfume when to use them?

Fragrances with the scent of plum have been used in the evening entourage. As for the season, it is recommended to apply it in the fall and winter seasons. However, these are only some directional frameworks. More important is what kind of plum raw material is contained in the perfume and with what other ingredients does it work? So everything is an individual matter and depends on the rest of the ingredients of a given perfume

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The nature of plum in perfume industry

The nature of the plum is not uniform. And it is not only about the different nature of the raw material obtained from flowers or fruit. Plum (Prunus L.) in the form of shrubs and trees comes from the rose family and includes over two hundred species. Few people know that the plum is also lychee, sometimes called the Chinese plum. Not only that, because this genus also includes such species as the well-known peaches, cherries, laurels, apricots, cherries and bird cherry. Therefore, when finding a plum in a perfume, it is worth asking yourself - what kind of ingredient is it, whether it is a flower or a fruit, or is it a dried plum? Is it an exaggeration? How from! After all, we read the ingredients of the food or dietary supplements we buy every day, and perfumes also have an impact on our body. It is also worth paying attention to which note it contributes to. Thanks to this, we can be sure that we will choose the perfect perfume for us.

What we often do not realize is the fact that every plant used by man - fruit, vegetable or plant - affects his health. And it doesn't matter whether we use natural ingredients in the form of an oral dietary supplement, skin cream or perfume. It is similar with a plum. In the case of perfumes with its use, our skin and respiratory system will be affected by pectins, tartaric and malic acid and tannins. These are substances with a decidedly pro-health effect. Thanks to them, the processes of skin changes are slowed down, including the oxidative ones responsible for skin aging.

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