Bitter orange fragrance note
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Bitter Orange

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What does bitter orange smell like?

It is an intensely refreshing, stimulating, and slightly tart note, It smells fresh, juicy, sweet and a bit powdery. Optimistic and cheerful. Enough sweet, just a little sour. The scent of orange is harmonizing, uplifting and relaxing. On the other hand, it refreshes and stimulates, combating depression, drowsiness, lethargy and the lack of willingness to act.

Bitter orange peel has a beautiful sweet-floral fragrance, with hints of spice and pine.

Perfumes with bitter orange - what makes them stand out?

The perfume industry uses bitter orange, which in botany is also called Seville orange or green. The peel of the fruit of this tree as well as the leaves and flowers have exceptional aromatic properties. Interestingly, each part of the plant produces essential oils with completely different aromas.

Bitter orange peel oil is often used in aromatherapy. It shows relaxing properties, stimulates and improves mood. Perfect for people struggling with excessive sleepiness, a bath with the addition of such oil will give you strength, fight sadness and stimulate action.

Bitter orange fragrance note
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History of bitter orange in perfume industry

The orange tree comes from Asia. In the past, these plants grew in China and India. The orange came to Europe through the Arabs. The southern part of Spain is considered to be the European cradle of the tree (Seville is primarily famous for its orange blossom). A bitter orange grows in the Versailles garden, which was planted in 1421.

The most popular are sweet oranges (citrus sinensis), also known as Chinese. Their fruit goes to stores and is the raw material for popular juice. In the perfume industry, however, the real "gold vein" is bitter orange (citrus aurantium). It is also often known as Seville oranges, green or sour. The fruits of this tree are smaller and have a bitter taste (in botany they are classified as berries). Fragrant oil can be obtained from:

• leaves
• fruit peel
• flowers

Olejek bigarade pozyskuje się metodą tłoczenia na zimno. W wielu perfumach staje się on podstawowym akordem nutki głowy (otwiera zapach). Jest intensywny, pobudzający, lekko cierpki.