Bergamot note in perfumes
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So what does bergamot smell like?

Bergamot note is fresh, crisp and citrus. The compositions are associated with sunshine, energy and youthful enthusiasm. Bergamot is very often combined with floral notes.

The complex, characteristic and very dynamic aroma of bergamot makes the parfum from this orange family extremely appreciated in the world of perfumery.

Perfumes with bergamot - what makes them stand out?

Perfumes with bergamot are eagerly chosen by both ladies and gentlemen. It's hard to confuse this citrusy, slightly bitter and tart aroma with another.

What is bergamot? Contrary to appearances, the smell of this foreign-sounding plant is not at all floral. Bergamot is nothing but a species of bitter orange. It is no accident that the bergamot is misclassified as a flower. In addition to citrus, there is a plant that in colloquial language is called bergamot. In fact, it is a scarlet flower - a perennial with beautiful, red flowers, which gives off an aroma similar to the peel of bergamot fruit.

Bergamot note in perfumes

What is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a type of orange that looks a bit like a lime or a lemon. It has a thick, often folded, yellow-green skin and light green flesh. The fruit itself has a distinctly bitter-sour taste, which is why it is unlikely to be eaten raw. However, both the inside of the citrus and its skin are commonly used due to the presence of intense essential oils. Although this fruit was known already in ancient times, it is still a relatively unpopular citrus today.

The smell of bergamot is associated primarily with Earl Gray tea, which owes its characteristic aroma to this small green orange. Although it is difficult to find this yellow-green variety of oranges at a market or in a store, you can easily buy essential oils, aromas or just teas made from it.

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Each of us, regardless of gender or age, should take on a small mission: to find a fragrance that will perfectly emphasize our unique character. As you know, how many noses, so many preferences. Some feel best wrapped in a heavy, wooden aroma, while others prefer delicate, fruity or floral perfumes.

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History of bergamot in perfume industry

According to the findings of experts, the bergamot orange, also known as bergamot, came to Europe most probably from India. The fruit has settled permanently in Italy, and more specifically in the sunny region of Calabria. The name of the orange variety comes from the Italian city of Bergamo, where bergamot essential oil was first marketed. Currently, the city is recognized as the world capital of this intoxicating fragrance, which is the basis of numerous perfumes.

Bergamot oil is used not only in the perfume industry, but also in aromatherapy. Its fresh and energizing fragrance helps fight stress, nervous tension and insomnia.

The fashion perfume with bergamot appeared for the first time in the 16th century, when the King of the Sun, i.e. Louis XIV, ruled the French court. The most famous scent in which bergamot plays a key role is Cologne 4711 (Echt Kölnisch Wasser), the recipe of which was developed in 1792. The perfume originated in Italy, and production, as the name suggests, began in the German city of Cologne. One legend says that the aromatic notes of the water seduced Napoleon Bonaparte himself!