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In-depth guide on how to choose the right fragrance for You!

how to choose the right perfumes

Well-chosen perfumes are the best styling - you look and feel insanely in them. People around you also feel it. Therefore, it is worth choosing perfumes so that they match both the occasion, the season, and your mood. However, you can forget about the most important thing. About your skin. You do not part with her even for a moment!

And did you know that everyone has a different skin scent? Moreover, each skin will smell different with different perfumes! And this may be of interest to you, because it may turn out that the costly bottles ... will be thrown away. So if you want to find out which perfume to choose - read on!


Your skin natural oil - pH and perfumes 

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The skin types are really diverse. It all depends on the pH of the skin. It is a measure of the degree of acidity of aqueous solutions on a 14-point scale. Acidic is considered to be from 0 to 7, and alkaline from 7 to 14. 7 is neutral or neutral. Human skin may be more or less acidic, alkaline or neutral, and the norm is slightly acidic in the range of 4 to 6.4 pH. Then the skin looks healthy and natural. This reaction also protects it against bacteria and provides a natural protective barrier.

The pH of the skin may change over the course of life, it is also dependent not only on gender, age, but also on the area of ​​the skin. In the case of the effect of perfumes, it is mainly the skin that decides whether the fragrance lasts less or better. Moreover, it contributes to the beautiful or very average fragrance of the perfume combined with our skin.

Therefore, the pH of the skin can be our enemy or ally - it is worth testing fragrance directly on the skin and watching how they will work with it for the next hours. Choosing a perfume is actually a lot of fun! If the scent does not disappear right away and it smells beautiful - then we chose a perfume that liked our skin pH. Perfume for yourself is actually a perfume for your skin.


How to choose the right perfume for yourself?

It is worth knowing that more oily the skin, the lower its pH, which means more acidic. This is when pimples and skin changes appear on the skin. Too high pH of the skin also causes problems - the skin is dry and irritated. In order for the perfume to harmonize perfectly with our own fragrance, it is necessary to ensure proper hydration. Oily skin absorbs odors better, which makes them last longer. Therefore, a good condition of moisturizing with creams and lotions will improve the durability of the fragrances used.

And can you tell by your appearance whether you have oily or dry skin? Fair-haired people with fair skin are more likely to have dry skin, and dark-haired people with darker skin colors - more oily. This is not always the case, but try to see what your skin is like. There is also a mixed type of skin that has the characteristics of dry skin and oily skin in other areas.


how to choose the fragrance of women's perfumes?

Here we could answer eloquently - how do you like it! However, this is only partially true. Perfectly matched perfumes depend primarily on your personality, character and what you expect from them. Because not everyone, contrary to appearances, cares about the intense smell that blows off their feet, and not everyone wants to be in the center of attention. And some of the fragrances have just such properties.

It is worth taking an insight into your previous experiences - which perfumes influenced the well-being, made us tired, and which we just… smelled bad. Not always those fragrances that our friend praises will be perfect for us!

Your character - your rules - how to choose women's perfumes?

If you are wondering how to choose women's perfumes, remember that fragrances should be your ally! So they can't overwhelm you. If you are a calm person, you like balanced fragrances, and you are also sensitive to headaches, it is better not to use spicy woody perfumes..

Also, beware of perfumes with incense accords, as usually smoky mixtures cause headaches faster. Such heavy and demanding fragrance compositions are not suitable for everyday wear. The head, heart and base notes should be well composed with each other. For people who prefer delicate fragrances, floral and fruity notes containing jasmine, violet, citrus will be much better.

When you are a person who loves to be the center of attention, loves heavy fragrances, you have your own style to stick to and overwhelming fragrances do not affect your well-being at all - go ahead! Then go ahead and go for spicy, exotic and heavier perfumes. After all, that's what they are for - to arouse interest and wrap you around like fragrant armor.

Chypre and spicy chords will work great here. You can also experiment with sweeter fragrances like truffle, chocolate, vanilla, cardamom and coffee. Check if they still smell beautiful after a few hours.

In short - whether you like woody notes, floral aromas,fresh or sweet and fruity types of fragrances, the best perfumes are those that suit your needs and are tailored to your personality.


Durability matters

Eau de toilette and Eau de Parfum are not the same. Toilet waters have a lower concentration of fragrance oils than perfumed waters, so they stay on the skin for a shorter time. Is that a disadvantage? It depends. If you want to use perfume only for a moment and for a specific occasion, e.g. for a celebration, this eau de toilette will perfectly refresh and improve your well-being.

You can also reuse it as needed. However, it will last up to a few hours at the most. However, if you want a long-lasting fragrance, then it is much better to choose eau de parfum that contain a higher concentration of fragrance oils and will accompany you for a much longer time.


The main difference between Eau de toilette (EDT) and Eau de parfum (EDP) is in the concentration. This determines the intensity of the fragrance. A perfumer often combines over 100 different ingredients with unique scents to create a mixture known as perfume oil or pure perfume.

On average, an Eau de parfum contains a 12% to 18% fragrance concentration. Whereas, Eau de toilette contains between 8% and 12% concentration. Regardless of the product you buy, Eau de toilette will always be less concentrated than Eau de parfum.

Long Lasting Perfumes London

Eau de parfum vs eau de toilette - Which one lasts longer?

When you think about the longevity of the brand, make sure to consider the prices. Because of the high perfume oil concentration, Eau de parfums last longer than toilette Eau de. With Eau de parfum, you can get a solid four to five hours of a good scent. or Saltworks Parfum with concentrations of 25% that lasts up to 10hours. That’s why it is a more costly purchase and great to wear at night.

While the Eau de toilette often lasts two to three hours and is ideal for daywear. It’s a practical choice for a tight budget. Then there is Eau de cologne (EDC), which contains a low fragrance concentration of 2% to 4%, compared to EDT with higher alcohol content. Thus, making it a much cheaper choice than Eau de toilette or Eau de parfums. EDC won’t last more than 2 hours.


Pop it in the fridge! That’s right, a lot of experts suggest storing de toilette Eau in the fridge. That’s because it can maintain a stable temperature and keep the product away from direct heat and sunlight. Therefore, making it a practical choice for preventing chemical degradation or oxidation. A cold and dry storage cupboard works just as well.

The reason for that is relatively simple. The essences and natural oils of the fragrance begin to coagulate in very hot or humid places. Over time, the water and alcohol evaporate, leaving you with syrupy sediment that has lost its nice scent.

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Pure perfume or Extrait de parfum features a higher concentration. For most parfums, it is around 20% . But it can also range from 15% to 25% concentration. Of all scents, it lasts the longest often 6 hours to 8 hours. It also has the heftiest prices and can be a good choice for sensitive skin.


Due to the highest concentration of fragrances, parfum is often a better choice. It lasts longer, it’s good for sensitive skin and perfect for everyday wear.

Why eau de parfum tend to be more expensive than eau de toilette?

Eau de toilette is better for those who feel comfortable with lighter scents. But, if you are looking for a bottle that has that fiery fragrance, then you might want to gravitate towards parfum or EDP.

When you look at the price tag of toilette vs Eau de parfum, it is easy to judge Eau de toilette as a less sophisticated and cheaper product. But, there is more to it than meets the eye. Eau de toilette is good for a tight budget because it has a lower concentration of fine fragrance oils. Not because it has cheap ingredients.

Look at the bottles not as a stark contrast, but as a representation of who you are. Ask yourself, how strong is the fragrance that you prefer? 

What's the best way to spray eau de toilette?

Start light and layer the product as you go. Apply de toilette and Eau to warm areas of the body, like chest, wrist, shoulders, and inner elbow. Preferably on dry skin. To create a lingering effect with the de parfum and Eau, spray a bit on the clothes or hair. Don’t overdo it. You want the fragrance to blend in with your outfit, not become overbearing.

What is the best way to spray perfumes? 

To spray parfum, make sure to choose the proper areas that are naturally moist and warm. That includes the sides of the neck, chest, back of the knee, and inside of the elbow. If you don’t, the top notes can evaporate too soon, and you won’t make the most of the parfum you just bought.

The trick is to rely on a gentle application technique. Just a dab of fragrance on the pulse points is more than enough to get the desired result. Your body heat will take care of the rest and act as a natural diffuser.

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A couple of basic rules exist for those who want to carry the smell for a very long time. Eau de parfum won’t last too long on dry skin, explains Vogue. Therefore, it is best to use body lotion or an unscented moisturiser to create that perfect environment for the scent to thrive.

Where you spray the Eau de parfum also matters. You shouldn’t cover it up with the clothing. Rather target spots that are exposed to the air, the pulse points of the inner elbow, wrist, or neck. If your skin can handle it, apply Eau de parfum directly to the body. That way you can leave a lasting impression.

Now that you know the real difference between Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum, you will have an easier time picking out a scent that resonates with you. As you can see, it is all about the formula and concentration of perfume oil. So, the next time you shop for a bottle, you can pick the right fragrances that perfectly match your character.