Our Concept

The Saltworks Company is a niche perfumerie offering over 60 fragrances in two ranges: the Home fragrance range and the Personal fragrance range. Our fragrances are the result of over 10 years work to create a palette of fragrances with something for every taste and every mood. 

Each fragrance collection is categorised into Spring/Summer (lighter, fresher) or Autumn Winter (richer and more complex)

We categorise every fragrance into a simplified 'family' of fruit, wood, aquatic (incl citrus), and florals. Most individuals tastes tend to be towards one particularly 'family'. Woods are the most universally popular category of Home and Personal fragrances. 

Personal Fragrance Range

The Personal Fragrance Range currently comprises seven product formats of perfume soap, lotion, body mist, candles and Eau de Parfum. 


  • Applelily (Fruit)
  • Black Tea Imperial (Wood)
  • Calypso (Wood)
  • Dahlia Rouge (Floral)
  • De La Mer (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Dive (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Dreaming (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Esprit de Cassis (Wood)
  • Freesome (Floral)
  • Gypsy Rose (Floral)
  • Hamani Blossom (Floral)
  • Ko Meme (Fruit)
  • L'eau Tropicale (Fruit)
  • Meridian (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Neroliander (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Pamplemousse (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Rainstorm (Wood)
  • Sicilia (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Violet Dew (Floral)
  • Windsong (Floral)


  • Alchemy (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Azure Leather (Wood)
  • Black Pepper (Wood)
  • Brown Sugar (Fruit)
  • Dust (Wood)
  • Florient  (Fruit)
  • French Fig (Wood)
  • Green Envy (Wood)
  • Infinity (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Lady Marmalade (Fruit)
  • Lovestory (Floral)
  • Midnight Orchid (Floral)
  • Oud Harmony (Floral)
  • Rock Rose (Wood)
  • Tuberose Absolute (Floral)
  • Vanille Siam (Fruit)
  • Whitelight (Wood)

Home Fragrance Range

The Home Fragrance Range currently comprises four product formats of room spray, candles and reed diffusers.


  • Blue Coral (Floral)
  • Chelsea Flowers (Wood)
  • Evening Earl Grey (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Kashmir Quince (Fruit)
  • Lilypond Rose (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Moonlight Rose (Floral)
  • Moroccan Night Orange (Fruit)
  • Pacific Oud (Wood)
  • Shady Mint (Wood)
  • Spring Rain (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Sweet Pea and Pear (Floral)
  • White Clover (Floral)



  • Atlantic Gale (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Canticle  (Wood)
  • Champayne Cocktail (Fruit)
  • Dark Plum (Fruit)
  • Jamaique Santal (Fruit)
  • Papyrus & Vellum (Wood)
  • Rhubarbarella (Fruit)
  • Rose No 2 Moss Rose (Floral)
  • Royal Cedar (Wood)
  • Smoke on the Water (Aquatic/Citrus)
  • Vetyver Falls (Wood)

Retail Sales

Later in 2018 we will launch our Retail website for customers. Any customers wishing to purchase any product in any fragrance should email or call their request. All products are custom made to order so lead times are around 1 week but can be longer during the wholesale trade months.


We pride ourselves on making fragrance and our products easy to sell for independent retailers. 

Our growing range of retailers range from fashion and homewares to traditional gift shops and heritage retailers. 

We also offer a customisation service for retailers and hoteliers interested in adding their own features to our products. 

In addition, our extensive back catalogue of archive fragrances means we can offer a completely unique fragrance for your own project with minimal investment.  

Contact us to find our more.